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Knockmaroon Dispersal Sale For Mr Kieran Guinness

May 4th 12noon

Entire Milking Herd-70 Winter & Spring Calving Cows plus all youngstock including
7 Autumn Calving Heifers
20 Bulling Heifers
14 Autumn & Spring born Heifer Calves.

Believed to be the last milking herd within Dublin's M50 and removed to Carnaross Mart for sale convenience. 

Herd Manager Peter Taaffe 087-7724793. 

Herd Ave 9,300kg 3.30%PROTEIN SCC 174. 

Selling cows with great udders-a very impressive herd for power & udders.

Sired by High EBI bulls LWR, CFF, FR2036, YAB, WWT & by Cannontown & Fowlerstown Stock Bulls. 

Selling 10 RED & WHITE Cows plus RED & WHITE Youngstock. 

Selling well grown youngstock in all age groups & all sired by High EBI bulls LWR, OTTO, Ronaldo, HZB, FR4019, FR2298, FR4022. 

Export Tested with Immediate Export on Sale day.

Catalogues available & ONLINE.

Taaffe Auctions 041/9881288
PSRA Lic No:001085 with Carnaross Livestock Mart PSRA Lic No: 002032

BALLYTRAIN Pedigree Shorthorns

May 2nd 12noon

BALLYTRAIN Pedigree Shorthorns (James Lambe)
Special entry 14 Fresh Calved Heifers & Cows.

Selling great group of fresh heifers & young cows] from herd's top families and herd's TOP COWS

Taaffe Auctions 041/9881288
PSRA Lic No:001085 with Carnaross Livestock Mart PSRA Lic No: 002032

Rushwee Dispersal Sale - In Associated with Taaffe Auctions

Thursday 25th April 2019

Rushwee Dispersal Sale
Mr Rory Crinion, Slane.(086-2111567)

Dispersal Sale Entire Spring Calving Section -110 COWS
plus Entire Group 24 Spring born Heifer Calves. 

One of the highlights of the Spring 2019 Sales calendar.
Herd Average 7,618kg 4.58%BF 3.45%PR 611kgs CFP SCC 95.
RUSHWEE DISPERSAL is one of the most impressive dispersal sale catalogues for high components COMBINED with great conformation. Milk recording figures demonstrate tremendous 
BF% & PR% throughout the catalogue with cows selling projected to 5.66%BF & 4.03% PROTEIN.
Selling large numbers of fresh calved heifers & YOUNG cows with great udders sired by top AI bulls…….
Atlantic, Jones, Vaucluse, Shottle Sol, Nefas, Eldor, Edelweiss,Tackleberry, Twist, Padbury, Outlaw.
Selling Entire Group 24 Spring born HEIFER CALVES by top AI sires
Mogul, Yamaska, Mucho, ABS Crayon, MVP, HZB, LWR, FR4017.
First of 2 Sales to Disperse Entire Milking Herd & All Youngstock.
Export Tested with immediate Export on Sale Day..Catalogues available & ONLINE.
Taaffe Auctions 041-9881288 in conjunction with Carnaross Mart.

Simmental Replacement Sale

16th April 2019


We have this special entry of 30 top class Simmental & Limousin bulling heifers. These heifers are of superior quality, coming from one of the leading suckler farms in the country. Pictures do not do these animals justice, these animals have to be seen to be truly appreciated.

All animals have been scanned, guaranteed 100% correct for breeding. Be sure not to miss the chance to buy these fine replacements.

Taaffe Auctions 041/9881288
PSRA Lic No:001085 with Carnaross Livestock Mart PSRA Lic No: 002032

Diary Sale - In Association with Taaffe Auctions

11th April 2019

Carnaross Dairy Sale - Thursday 11th April 2019 at 12 Noon

Selling 120 Fresh Calved Heifers & Cows All animals selling are FRESH CALVED .

Entries from top herds Cannontown (17), Kilskyre (20), Monamore (8), Clonpaddin, Greenlea, Listroar, Delasheen (10),Radrum, Roydale, Sprucegrove, Cornboro, Borkilbeg, Philip McDermott (Dispersal), Lissispin (Dispersal), Tubbertoby, Pepperstown, Beechstream, Kildoo, Shanmullagh, Fivestar (11), Tulcree

Sired by top AI bulls De-Su Hagley, Apina Norman, ABS Crayon, Peak Mr Grey

Export tested with immediate export sale day

Taaffe Auctions 041/9881288 with Carnaross Livestock Sales

PSRA Lic No:001085